Welcome to OMG FFS!

If something makes you angry - write it down.

The theory is that you take some of the stress away and feel better - that's how this got started. Lots of things make me angry/upset/disappointed/stressed/frustrated, so this is my therapy.

I'll try my best with spelling and grammar, and I'll try to keep the bad language to a minimum, but please forgive any slip-ups. You're more than likely to also find the following: contradiction, hypocricy, repetition, unproven facts, hearsay, blasphemy etc. etc.. Apologies for this, along with any offense caused - these are just my grumbles and personal opinions (I'm not a nasty person, just heavily frustrated at the world).

I've also added a section for things I've found funny. These have been emailed to me, texted or just things I've heard here and there. I love a laugh and it takes my mind off moaning - for a while!

Hope you find something on here you like, or maybe makes you think, or possibly changes an opinion or two. As I said - this is mainly here to make me feel better but maybe, it could make you feel better too :-)

Once again, I'm not trying to offend anyone. I have some controversial ideas and ideals but I'm not aiming to make people more angry.




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