Tattoos and Body Mods

At the same time as being a sucker for a nice piercing or well thought out tattoo, I have to say in general I hate them and the current obsession with the whole thing.

As usual the media are playing a huge part in the whole promotion of it, with no thought whatsoever to the stupid people who will inevitably do it badly or go way too far (some good examples below).

Temporary body mods, body painting and semi-permanent tattoos I'm a big fan of. Choosing a picture on the internet or in a catalogue at the tattoo studio and then having it permanently disfiguring your body I'm not such a fan of. I know a 12 year old that had a huge, ugly mess on the back of her neck. Fortunately her hair will normally hide it but her parents should have pressed charges on the people who mutilated their daughter.

I've been to many parties where old photos have been plastered around the walls and we've all stood around looking at what we used to wear - 'how embarrassing' is repeated over and over. With a tattoo you'll still be wearing the same thing in 40 years time - maybe it's worth putting some thought into it! Will a funny joke you see every day still be hilarious 15 years later?

It's the attention thing that's a real problem. Let's say you get a well thought out, meaningful and nice tattoo done. The photo goes on facebook and you've suddenly got loads of messages telling you how cool you are and how you're now part of a gang. Six weeks later everyone has seen it and you have to rely on your personality again. Bugger. Best get another one - or maybe drag it out a bit.... 'what tattoo should I have next and where' is the facebook status that starts it all off again. Before you know it you look like every other person with no imagination or personality - covered in piercings and bad copies of celebrities brainless inkings.

I don't want to be too mean as some of these people look 'special', but how much attention are these people craving....

why the f...
I suppose it's good that people like this find each other.

what the f...
Fairly sure it's a he.

he's got a job keeping receipts tidy
Very sensible.

She'll only be screaming it after the rohypnol has worn off.

where to start...
I'm guessing he didn't have many friends.

great nose job Proboscis
Why does he think we need to see inside his nostrils?

his voice must sound as dumb as he's made himself look
This man needed serious mental help - instead he found a body modifier happy to take his money and do this to him.

love it
This is great - a nice way to end a grumpy rant :-)


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