Snow Fun

On a short drive today something upset me and got me thinking. We've had some snow (which I still find exiting!) and there's been loads of kids out sledging and generally enjoying themselves.

There's been stories about local kids, not happy with just throwing snowballs at cars, opening car doors at traffic lights and throwing them into the drivers faces. Quite correctly the police were called but as seems to be the norm, no action was taken. We also had a giant snowball pushed onto a snow covered road in an attempt to cause an accident, nice idea when you think of how that could have ended.

These things made me very angry, but what I saw today made me sad. Along my entire journey, every snowman that had been built yesterday had been kicked and smashed to pieces.

I grew up in what would be considered a rougher area than where we live today. However I can remember building snowmen and watching them slowly melt over the next week or so, it was great to look out the window in the morning and see them still out there. Almost everyone did the same, it was a big part of the snowy fun and they were made on the front garden so everyone could enjoy them.

The kids and families who got together to build these snowmen I'm sure would have been disappointed when they got up this morning, especially as the snowfall may be short lived and there may not be another opportunity this year. It's a slice of childhood lost.

This seems to be the way things are today, nasty and spiteful things are standard entertainment. In these times where we have so much choice, so many things to do, people are finding entertainment in senseless and cruel vandalism.

Give me a rifle and a licence to clean up some of these scumbags. Just pop their heads and leave the nice people to enjoy a happier life.


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