Random Handy Tips

As I hear of, or remember helpful advice I'll add it here. I'll try to make sure it's a genuinely helpful list...

Mild food poisoning - drink flat Coke.
It must be Coca Cola, not diet, not other brands. Pour it from height to help flatten it, leave it to stand, leave the bottle top loose or squeeze the bottle before tightening it.

Shower curtain - buy one that's shorter than your bath. That way you can leave it closed and not make the curtain or bath mouldy. Also, fit it high so that only a small amount rests on the side of the bath.

Loosing weight - add more activity to your lifestyle. Walk more or take up a hobby that suits you. Diets or a new activity a long way from your current interests are usually short lived.

A winter cold - put lemon juice, very thin slices of ginger (these should dissolve), a spoonful of glucose/fructose/sugar into a mug. Fill 1/3 orange juice and the rest boiling water.

Migraine - a hot shower on the back of the head/neck gives short term relief - sometimes enough for tablets to kick-in or to just get to sleep. You can also buy a microwave bean bag - these are great. Put them in the microwave with a mug of water, check the temperature and then wrap it around your head/neck and try to sleep.

Loose door hinge screw - if the screw won't tighten in your door hinge because the thread has gone, try putting a matchstick or two into the hole (snap off the dangerous end of the matches before you start).

Don't use chewing gum during a diet - chewing causes the stomach to produce acids (it thinks there's food coming). This causes additional hunger pains and can damage the stomach lining - it digests itself!

Hayfever - don't take preventative medicines all summer, wait until you really feel it, then take a good tablet. We eventually build up our own defence but you won't know if you're always on medicine. Most people are only affected for a couple of days in a year - try to bear with it!


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