Apple vs Microsoft

When Apple introduced the world to the tablet PC, everyone went wild. 7 years earlier, HP produced a superior model and no-one noticed...

Apple vs Microsoft

I'm not an Apple fan. I know some of these specs are incorrect but the overall message is there. Apple could burp into a bag and thousands of people would queue up for it - then write across Facebook and Twitter about their new iBurpinabag©.

The funniest thing I've seen with these iPads is when someone drags theirs out in a new leather case - complete with keyboard. Erm, have I missed something? They now have a moderately low spec, expensive laptop!

Apple seem to produce must-have yuppie toys. Great phones that lock-up and break very easily, iPads for people too trendy for a more useful laptop and iPods for people who want to be told where to buy and how to manage their music.

Nokia make phones you can drop, that play music, and some of them have a real keyboard - and most importantly - no damn autocorrect!


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